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Présentations orales / Oral presentations

Un fichier pdf pour chaque présentation orale pour laquelle nous avons obtenu l'autorisation des auteurs est mis en ligne et peut être téléchargé.

A PDF file with the oral presentation for which the authors give their agreement for publication is available on-line and can be downloded.

Lundi 6 Juillet / July, Monday 6th

Sessions Plénières I - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions I - Amphitheater

Biochimie, Biologie Structurale & Bioinformatique Structurale - Biochemistry, Structural Biology & Structural Bioinformatics

14h30 - 15h10KeynoteChristine ORENGO  - A Structural Perspective on the Evolution of Protein Functions. PDF & MP3

15h10 - 15h30 Yasaman Karami - Accelerating Protein Structure Prediction using Particle Swarm  Optimization on GPU. PDF & MP3

JOBIM2015 Awards

JOBIM2015 Awards

15h30 - 15h50 Isaure Chauvotde Beauchene - Modelling ssRNA-protein complexes at atomic resolution. PDF & MP3

15h50 - 16h10 Seyed Ziaeddin Alborzi - EC-PSI: Associating Enzyme Commission Numbers with Pfam Domains. PDF & MP3

16h10 - 16h30 Marco Pasi - Sequence determines the structure and microsecond-scale dynamics of B-DNA and its bound cations. PDF & MP3

Sessions Plénières II - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions II - Amphitheater

Évolution, Phylogénie & Paléogénomique - Evolution, Phylogeny & Paleogenomics

17h00 - 17h40KeynoteZiheng YANG - Estimation of species divergence times incorporating fossil and molecular information. PDF & MP3

17h40 - 18h00 Elodie Cassan - Evolutionary analyses support that ASP (Anti Sense Protein) overlapping ORF is the 10th gene of HIV-1 M pandemic group. PDF & MP3

18h00 - 18h20 Blerina Sinaimeri - Cophylogeny Reconstruction via an Approximate Bayesian Computation. PDF & MP3

18h20 - 18h40 Gabriel Markov - The same or not the same: Lineage-specific gene expansions and homology relationships in multigene families in nematodes. PDF & MP3

18h40 - 18h50 Christoph GRUNAU - Réseaux thématiques pluridisciplinaires 3E «Epigénétique en Ecologie et Evolution ». PDF & MP3

18h50 - 19h00 Dominique JOLY - Groupement De Recherche en Génomique Environnementale (GDR GE). PDF & MP3

19h00 - 19h10 Julien FUMEY - JeBiF   PDF & MP3

18h10 - 19h20 Yoann MOUSCAZ -   PDF & MP3

Mardi 7 Juillet 2015 / July, Tuesday 7th

Sessions Plénières - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions - Amphitheater 

09h00 - 09h40Keynote Stéphane ROMBAUTS - The next challenge: sequencing, assembling and annotation of complex genomes with NGS. PDF & MP3

09h40 - 10h00 Jérémy Tournayre - Fat&MuscleDB: A database to understand tissue growth processes contributing to body or muscle composition. PDF & MP3

10h00 - 10h20 Alexandre Cormier - Sexual dimorphism and the evolution of sex-biased gene expression in the brown alga Ectocarpus. PDF & MP3

10h20 - 10h40 Frédéric Choulet - A Reference Sequence of the Bread Wheat Chromosome 3B. PDF & MP3

11h10 - 11h50KeynoteThomas WALTER - Bioimage Informatics for Phenomics MP3

11h50 - 12h30Keynote Daniel SEGRE - Spatio-temporal models of metabolism in microbial communities. PDF & MP3

12h30 - 13h00 Jean-François GIBRAT - IFB-corePDF & MP3

Sessions Parallèles / Parallel Sessions

14h30 - 14h50

  • Espace Restauration Niveau 2 – Demo A1
    • Jacques van Helden - Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT)
  • Amphithéâtre – Demo B1
    • Lucas Auer - FROGS: Find Rapidly OTU with Galaxy Solution
  • Salles Commission 11-12-13 - Niveau 2 – Demo C1
    • Nicolas Kaspric - Proteome data mining using ProteINSIDE online tool

14h50 - 15h10

  • Espace Restauration Niveau 2 – Demo A2
    • Laurent Bulteau - DINGHY: Dynamic Interactive Navigator for General Hypergraphs in Biology
  • Amphithéâtre – Demo B2
    • Bryan Brancotte - Interrogation de bases de données biologiques publiques par reformulation de requêtes et classement des résultats avec ConQuR-Bio. PDF
  • Salles Commission 11-12-13 - Niveau 2 – Demo C2
    • Isabelle Guigon - Finding and analysing microRNAs in plant genomes with miRkwood. PDF

Sessions Plénières - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions - Amphitheater

16h40 - 17h20KeynoteAntony COX - The power of populations: methods that scale to thousands of human genomes. PDF & MP3

17h20 - 17h40 Aymeric Antoine-Lorquin - Comparison of the targets obtained by a scoring matrix and by a regular expression. Application to the search for LXR binding sites. PDF & MP3

17h40 - 18h00 Mathilde Le Boudic-Jamin - De novo detection of structure repeats in Proteins. PDF & MP3

18h00 - 18h20 Morgane Thomas-Cholier - ExoProfiler: a motif-based approach to analyse ChIP-exo signal. PDF & MP3

18h20 - 18h40 Nicolas Terrapon - How does the human gut microbiota breakdown complex polysaccharides? PDF & MP3

18h40 - 18h55 Valérie POLONAIS - IUT Aurillac. PDF & MP3

18h55 - 19h10 Gisèle BRONNER - Master Bioinformatique Université Blaise Pascal. PDF & MP3

Mercredi 8 Juillet 2015 / July, Wednesday 8th

Sessions Plénières - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions - Amphitheater

08h10 - 08h50KeynoteRob FINN - Towards understanding the functional and taxonomic repertoire of a metagenome. PDF & MP3

08h50 - 09h10 Guy Perrière - RecStat: a set of R utilities for coding DNA sequences prediction in metagenomes. PDF & MP3

09h10 - 09h30 Faouzi Jaziri - Propositional Logic for Efficient Microbial Community Assessment by DNA Microarray Data Analysis. PDF & MP3

09h30 - 10h10KeynoteAna CONESA - Lessons and results of integrative multi-omics data analysis. MP3

10h10 - 10h30 Jacques Colinge - Computational Analysis of Promiscuous Drug Protein Target Spectra. PDF & MP3

11h00 - 11h40KeynoteLaurence MOREAU - New prospects and challenges raised by the implementation of Genome-wide association mapping and Genomic Selection in plants. Illustrations in maize. PDF & MP3

Sessions Parallèles / Parallel Sessions

11h40 - 12h00

  • Salles Commission 11-12-13 - Niveau 2 – Demo D1
    • Magali Berland - Demo of metagenomic data analysis: from reads to biomarkers with METEOR and MetaOMineR
  • Espace Restauration Niveau 2 – Demo E1
    • Marie-Laure Franchinard - View and synchronize several genotypes using IGV
  • Amphithéâtre – Demo F1
    • Laurent Jourdren - Eoulsan 2: Facilitating expansion to new NGS tools and execution platforms

12h00 - 12h20

  • Salles Commission 11-12-13 - Niveau 2 – Demo D2
    • Bérénice Batut - ASAIM: an intuitive and adjustable pipeline to process metatranscriptomic data from intestinal microbiota. PDF
  • Espace Restauration Niveau 2 – Demo E2
    • Lydia Ait Braham - BioMercator : A complete framework to integrate QTL, meta-QTL, genome annotation and genome-wide association studies
  • Amphithéâtre – Demo F2
    • Stéphane Télétchéa - DockNmine, a web portal to compare virtual and experimental interaction data

12h20 - 12h40

  • Salles Commission 11-12-13 - Niveau 2 – Demo D3
    • Alexandra Louis - Genomicus: fast and intuitive comparative genomics in eukaryotes
  • Espace Restauration Niveau 2 – Demo E3
    • Benoit Bely - How UniProtKB/TrEMBL Tackles High Redundant Proteomes. PDF
  • Amphithéâtre – Demo F3
    • Delphine Steinbach - GnpIS-Asso : a new generic tool for managing and exploiting genetic association studies results using high throughput genotyping and phenotyping data. PDFMOV

14h30 - 15h30 Sophie Schbath - Assemblée Générale de la Société Française de Bioiformatique - SFBI. PDF

Sessions Plénières - Amphithéâtre / Plenary Sessions - Amphitheater

16h00 - 16h40KeynoteChristoph GRUNAU - Environmental and evolutionary epigenomics of non-model organisms:  challenges and solutions. PDF & MP3

16h40 - 17h00 Daniel Jost - Interactions between chromatin states shape the epigenome nuclear organization. PDF & MP3

17h00 - 17h30 Nathalie RIVIERES - Biogemma / Limagrain. PDF & MP3

Jeudi 9 Juillet 2015 / July, Thursday 9th

09h00 - 09h40KeynoteKatharina HUBER - Dealing with big evolutionary data. PDF & MP3

09h40 - 10h10 Imene Boudellioua - Association Rule Mining for Metabolic Pathway Prediction.

10h10 - 10h30 Nicolas Daccord - TopoIBase: a comprehensive database dedicated to type IA DNA-topoisomerases. PDF & MP3

11h00 - 11h20 Vincent Henry - OMICtools: A workflow for multi-omic data analysis. PDF & MP3

11h20 - 11h40 Mélanie Pétéra - Workflow4Metabolomics: A collaborative research infrastructure for computational metabolomics. PDF & MP3

SFBI Awards - Sophie SCHBATH & Marie-France SAGOT

JOBIM2015 Awards

JOBIM2015 Awards


Annonce JOBIM2016 - F. Picard. PDF & MP3

Clôture / Closure JOBIM2015 Clermont-Ferrand - Pierre PEYRET

JOBIM 2015 Clermont-Ferrand