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Un fichier PDF de chaque affiche pour laquelle nous avons obtenu l'autorisation des auteurs est mis en ligne et peut être téléchargé.

A PDF file for every posters for which we obtained an autorization from the authors is on-line and can be downloaded.

Post-004 (#106) - Yoann DUFRESNE - Smiles2Monomers: Tool for monomeric structure search.

Post-007 (#5) - Julien FUMEY - Tempo and mode in Astyanax mexicanus cavefish evolution: a population genomic reappraisal.

Post-010 (#36) - Franck CERUTTI - Evolutionary dynamics of Listeria monocytogenes sRNA.

Post-014 (#8) - Sarah DJEBALI - Conservation of recurrent chimeras between human and mouse.

Post-015 (#15) - Pierre DELPECH - Analyse du transcriptome de Lactococcus garvieae durant l’inhibition de Staphylococcus aureus par RNA-seq.

Post-016 (#16) - MARIE GARAVILLON-TOURNAYRE - High throuput workflow for RNAseq data treatment linking laboratory data server and remote parallel calculation platform.

Post-019 (#35) - Marie GARAVILLON-TOURNAYRE - Transcriptome and ecophysiological data of Populus nigra genotypes during drought stress.

Post-020 (#47) - Amandine CAMPAN-FOURNIER - Analyse de 32 souches de Legionella pneumophila de sévérités variables afin d'identifier les déterminants de la pathogénicité.

Post-026 (#120) - Jonathan LORENZO - Application du système GenFam à la réponse au stress des plantes : intégration de l'identification d'éléments cis spécifiques.

Post-027 (#122) - Rachel LEGENDRE - RiboTools: A Galaxy toolbox for qualitative Ribosome Profiling analysis.

Post-028 (#125) - Sarah FARHAT - Exploring the mystery that leads to a specific parasite infection for marine blooming dinoflagellates.

Post-030 (#19) - Gabriel CARVALHO - Individual-based modeling of bacterial biofilms’ resilience.

Post-033 (#51) - Maxime CHAZALVIEL - Comparaison visuelle de sous-réseaux métaboliques avec MetExploreViz.

Post-035 (#144) - Guillaume MADELAINE - Structural simplification of chemical reaction networks.

Post-036 (#147) - Marc LEGEAY - Construction et Analyse de Réseau de Gènes Contextuels dans le Domaine Végétal.

Post-042 (#42) - Alexandra DUHNEN - Genomic prediction of agronomic traits in soybean.

Post-046 (#134) - Yannick DE OLIVIERA - SHiNeMaS: A database dedicated to seed lots history, phenotyping data and field practices.

Post-048 (#150) - Ankit DWIVENDI - Characterization of P.falciparum sub-populations associated to artemisinin drug resistance in Cambodia.

Post-050 (#166) - Gilles CHARMET - Breeding value estimation for Yield and Quality traits using BWGS pipeline.

Post-051 (#2) - Marie-Laure FRANCHINARD - View and synchronize several genotypes with IGV.

Post-052 (#22) - Hugo VARET - SARTools: a DESeq2- and edgeR-based R pipeline for comprehensive differential analysis of RNA-seq data.

Post-054 (#49) - Arnaud MENG - De novo assembly pipeline for transcriptomic analysis.

Post-055 (#56) - Xi LIU - Looking for SCPP transcripts in jaw transcriptomes.

Post-056 (#60) - Aurélien QUILLET - miRabel: a web tool for an effective prediction of microRNA targets and their related biological pathways.

Post-064 (#103) - François BARTOLO - Computational optimisation for mixOmics, the R package dedicated to ’omics’ data integration.

Post-065 (#105) - Guillaume REBOUL - Approche intégrée pour la découverte de nouvelles activités enzymatiques.

Post-066 (#108) - Nicolas PARISOT - MicroAnnot: a pipeline for high quality microsporidian genomes annotation.

Post-068 (#115) - Guillaume GAUTREAU - Genome assembly using Nanopore-guided Long and Error-free DNA Reads.

Post-071 (#143) - Sacha BEAUMEUNIER - Rôle de l'apprentissage automatique dans le problème de détection d'ARN chimères.

Post-074 (#151) - Magali BERLAND - Metagenomic data analysis: from reads to biomarkers with METEOR and MetaOMineR.

Post-078 (#78) - Jimmy H.W. SAW - A novel phylum-level archaea characterized by combining single-cell and metagenomic approaches.

Post-081 (#84) - Charlie PAUVERT - Accurate taxonomy assignments in cheeses ecosystems via a metagenomic approach.

Post-082 (#93) - Nicolas PARISOT - Selection of oligonucleotide probes for high-throughput exploration of complex environments.

Post-084 (#100) - Cyrielle GASC - Gene capture by hybridization for accurate taxonomic affiliation.

Post-089 (#81) - Stéphanie BORNES - Influence des procédés de fabrication industrielle sur l’expression génique du Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lcr35®.

Post-090 (#126) - Jules CISSOKO - NutriQuantic : une Application Smartphone pour Déterminer l’Adéquation de la Prise Alimentaire vis-à-vis des Recommandations Nutritionnelles.

Post-093 (#9) - Cécile MONAT - TOGGLE: TOolbox for Generic nGs analyses.

Post-094 (#10) - Michael ALAUX - Wheat@URGI website for genomics, genetics and phenomics wheat data.

Post-096 (#21) - Luyen LE NGOC - Development of a generic indexing tool to optimize the use of biological data.

Post-097 (#24) - Jocelyn BRAYET - Integration of RSAT tools in Galaxy with SOAP web services.

Post-098 (#25) - Martial BRIAND - Orthomcl-Companion : un outil d'aide à l'interprétation d'analyses de familles protéiques.

Post-099 (#27) - Aurélien BERNARD - TriAnnot: A workflow for plant genome automated structural and functional annotation – international distribution. doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1110225.1

Post-100 (#28) - Simon PENEL - Nouveaux développements dans la construction de HOGENOM une base de données de phylogénomique.

Post-102 (#41) - Arnaud KRESS - Workflows for comparative protein analysis using PipeAlign in Galaxy.

Post-104 (#52) - Mathilde LAINÉ - BreedWheat genotyping and phenotyping data in GnpIS information system.

Post-107 (#76) - Vincent J. HENRY - OMIC-Onto: a resource for search and indexation of databases and analytical software for omic data.

Post-110 (#107) - Thibault DAYRIS - The transcript isoform quantification conundrum: an overview.

Post-111 (#113) - Benoit BELY - How UniProtKB/TrEMBL Tackles High Redundant Proteomes.

Post-112 (#116) - Sandrine PERRIN - An automated and modular output quality control pipeline for Illumina sequencers.

Post-114 (#123) - Nicolas FRANCILLONNE - A computational architecture designed for genome annotation: oak genome sequencing project as a use case.

Post-118 (#159) - Marie GROSJEAN - A RAINBio over the Life Sciences Cloud.

Post-120 (#170) - Ludovic MALET - Hitchhiking DNA in Magnaporthe oryzae.

Post-121 (#177) - Noé PONTOIZEAU - Comparative Analysis of Marine and Freshwater Brown Algae: Insights Into the Biology and Evolution of an Extremophile Ectocarpus.

Post-124 (#180) - Sandra PLUMAS - FLAGdb++: a new functionality to compare genome structures in plants.

Post-125 (#189) - Stéphanie POINTET - Adopted strategy for functional genomic analysis of a non-model perennial species Hevea brasiliensis using NGS technology.

Post-126 (#174) - Axel POULET - Nucleus J, a new ImageJ plugin dedicated to nuclear shape and chromatin organization.

Post-128 (#173) - Vasundra TOURÉ - STON translator: applying graph database to standard knowledge representation in Systems Biology.

Post-131 (#172) - Yvan HERENGER - dbSTAR: a reference DataBase of human STructural vARiation from sequencing data.

Post-132 (#171) - Chloé RIOU - VCF_creator: Mapping and VCF Creation features in DiscoSnp++.

Post-136 (#193) - Isabelle GUIGON - Identifying and analysing microRNAs in plant genomes with miRkwood.

Post-137 (#179) - Gaëtan BENOIT - Fast kmer-based method for estimating the similarity between numerous metagenomic datasets.

Post-139 (#175) - Romain GUIDOUX - eMouveRecherche: a scientifically valid application to promote physical activity and well-being.

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